What is INTERPROC and what is it aiming at

Trans European eProcurement implementation (INTERPROC) is a project financed through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in Telecom, which is a key EU instrument to facilitate cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens. The project is supported by a consortium of eight partners from four different EU and EEA countries (Norway, Germany, Greece and Portugal) representing different stakeholders in the eProcurement domain and has a duration of three years.

‌The purpose of INTERPROC is to support interoperable use of structured information throughout the whole procurement process.

‌‌The Action is performed by a consortium of eight members representing policy executing bodies, technical expertise from universities and eProcurement service providers.

‌As a first objective, national tailored eForms will be implemented in 5 different services (DFØ, Ignite, Mercell, Vortal) with users in 16 countries. Simplified versions of the standard forms for use below threshold will be developed and implemented in the same services. The implementations will be according to the eForms Regulation and technical specifications from the Publications Office.

‌BeschA and Vortal, supported by UKL, will develop, implement and put in production additional pre-award profiles to increase interoperability in the area of eTendering.

‌Moreover, Norway will establish a Contract Register that, in addition to all contract award notices, will notices related to call-off and mini-competitions based on framework agreements. Formats feasible for the Open Data Portal will be used. Enforcement methods, as recommended in the EXEP report on Contract Register, will be developed.

‌Also, an updated specification based on ESPD EDM 3.0 from DG Grow will be developed, implemented and put in production in 5 ESPD services/modules (1 new – Ignite, and 4 updated – GSISPA with UPRC, Vortal, Mercell) serving users in 16 countries. The ESPD services will be interconnected with national databases to retrieve evidences. All services will be connected to new eCertis.

‌These developments are expected to facilitate the information trading in procurement procedures by allowing, as far as possible, the reuse of already existing data, input of data and/or import of data.

‌More Information can be found here: https://site.vortal.biz/interproc/more-info/

04 May 2023

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